Damping hinge interpretation

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  • June 08, 2018
  • Damping hinge interpretation

    Damping hinge is a way to use the cushioning property of liquid, the buffer effect ideal of a hydraulic buffering hinge, door at 60 ° began to slowly closing on its own, reduce impact, form a closed shu damping hinge optimum effect.

    Damping hinge is a kind of hinge, also known as hydraulic hinge, it relies on a new technology to adapt the door closing speed.Even if you close the door with force, it will close gently to ensure the perfect and quiet movement.The utility model comprises a support, a door box, a buffer, a connecting block, a connecting rod and a torsion spring, one end of which is hinged on a support;

The middle part of the connecting block is hinged on the support, one side is hinged on the door box, and the other side is hinged on the piston rod of the buffer.


The connecting block, connecting rod, support and door box form a four-link mechanism.Buffer containing, piston, piston rod, shell has a hole and hole in the piston, piston rod drives the piston moves, the liquid through a hole can be from one to the other, so as to play a buffer action.The utility model is used for door connection.

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