Cabinet decoration must know hinge knowledge

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  • August 28, 2018

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On the outside, it's hard to tell good hinge from bad hinge.The only distinction is to observe its thick thin, inferior hinge is sheet iron to weld commonly and become, do not have rebound force almost, the time that USES a little longer can lose flexibility, bring about ambry door close not quite solid, affect function greatly.The hinge with good appearance is made of alloy, which is thick in handle and smooth in appearance. As the outer coating is thick, it is not easy to rust, firm and strong, and has strong bearing capacity.



Different hinge has different feel. The strong hinge has relatively soft force when it opens the cabinet door. When it closes to 15 degrees, it will rebound automatically and the rebound force is very uniform.The service life of inferior hinge is short, and easy fall off, if cupboard door, condole ark falls, cause as a result of hinge quality not pass a pass more.

Third, try

If hinge screw is bad, use also can make error frequently, if tail screw slips tooth, can make cupboard door and cabinet put out.Usually you want to make sure that the screw is going to stand the test. You can take a screwdriver, try a couple more hinge adjusting screws and hinge screws at the end to see if it's easy to slip, and if it's easy, pay attention.See if the screw thread is clear, general poor screw workmanship and materials are poor, screw random.

How to maintain cabinet hinge?

Keep dry and avoid hinges and other hardware in damp air.

Every 2-3 months can be added to the regular oil maintenance, ensure the pulley smooth mute.

Wipe gently with dry soft cloth, do not clean with chemical cleaner or acidic liquid, if the surface is found difficult to remove black spots, can be wiped with a little kerosene.

Avoid hinge contact with salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments.

If loose hinges or uneven doors are found, tighten or adjust with tools immediately.

Should prevent the weight and sharp instrument hit, scratches.

When opening and closing cabinet door, avoid excessive force, prevent hinge from being hit violently, damage the electroplating layer.

Try not to leave the door open for long.

Avoid pulling hard when carrying, damage furniture joint hardware.

Finally, the way to open and close the cabinet hinge is introduced. There are generally two point hinge and three point hinge, as well as multi-point hydraulic hinge.What is multilocation?It is to point to door plank to be in actually open when can stay in any one Angle, open won't be laborious, also won't slam shut, assure to use safety thereby, it is very suit to be used on door of upper hatchback cabinet, can say the most welcome design in domestic choice.

Additional look from open close form, ambry hinge type also can be divided roughly into outside and inside two big kinds, outside has the distinction of half cover and complete cover again.In addition, there are hinges for special door panels, such as those for glass doors.Generally before ambry is installed, the stylist of ambry can explain to you this ambry needs to buy the hinge of which above in kind.

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