Importance of kitchen cabinet hardware fittings

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  • August 23, 2018

    Hinge is the main component that joins cabinet body and door plank, in use of at ordinary times ambry, suffer test most is hinge.The open Angle that ambry is common is 90 degrees, show right Angle after opening.


    Hardware must be able to adapt the moisture of the kitchen, lampblack much wait for a lot of factor, its stand or fall is right of ambry normal use reach life crucial.Most want to undergo test is hinge, he not only want cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank to connect accurately street, also want to bear the weight of door plank alone, and must maintain door plank arrange consistent changeless, otherwise after period of time, can appear loose.Whole drawer is in the design, the most important fittings is slippery course, because of the special environment of the kitchen, low quality slippery course feels good even in short time, time is a little longer can discover push pull difficult phenomenon.For any product, especially the big one, after-sales service is very important to us.

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