The effect of hinges on furniture

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 17, 2018

Hinge is also called hinge hinge, it mainly has the general hinge and spring hinge two kinds, is the connection cabinet body and the main components of the door plate.In the daily use of furniture, the hinge is the most tested.Not only should join cabinet put oneself in another's position of door hinge, also alone bear the weight of door plank, so the hinge opening and closing effect and durability is a basic requirement, the second hinge is adjustable, open Angle should be above 90 degrees, and can stop at any Angle.Finally, must have certain corrosion resistance and security.


General hinge: general hinge mainly brass and stainless steel.Brass hinges are generally as yellow as possible, indicating high copper content.Poor hinge will cut corners, in specifications and thickness are not up to the standard.A good hinge is about 3 mm thick, and a poor hinge is thinner.Should choose sealing performance good hinge, open and close, pull several times to feel its flexibility and fastness.