What is a hydraulic hinge?What are the roles in life?

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 20, 2018

      Hydraulic hinge is actually one of the hinge, also called damping hinge, refers to provide a buffer performance, using liquid buffer effect ideal of a silencer cushion hinge, hydraulic hinge check before this kind of hardware products are widely used in modern furniture industry, and it is reflected in the process of application out of the ordinary hinge does not have the advantages of hydraulic hinge what are the applications and advantages?


    At present, the hydraulic buffer hinge is widely used in the cabinet door connection of furniture such as wardrobe, bookcase, ground cabinet, TV cabinet, cabinet, wine cabinet and storage cabinet.Hydraulic buffering hinge on a new technology to match the pace of the closing of the door, the product through hydraulic buffer technology, make the door shut, in 60 ° began to slowly reduce impact, form a closed comfortable effect, even hard to close the door gently closing, make sure that movement perfect, RouJing.Assembly buffer hinge makes furniture more high-grade, reduce wallop and form the comfortable effect when closing, more assured even if be in the use of long time, also need not undertake maintain.