Why so much clients like cooperating with us ?

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  • October 30, 2017

Why so much clients like cooperating with us ?

The first time we met Mr. Emma is on 2016, March Canton Fair. That was the last day of the Canton Fair. Visitors become less, we are sorting out customer information and samples to ready closed.

While we are busy to sharing the Canton Fair customer's interesting thing and working, Mr. Emma appeared. He standing in front of our booth and ready our products manual. Our colleague Lisa immediately welcome and lead him into our booth. Mr. Emma tells us that he is looking for hinges and door hinge products. He has found a lot of manufacturers in China and also check a lot of samples, he still wanted to find a better one so he came to here. We showed Mr. Emma some samples of the hot sale hinge and door hinges, also with material and quality checking at the scene. Mr. Emma is very satisfied with our hinge products, but for the door hinges he expresses different idea to us. He has designed one to meet their own country's local market, but it is non-standard. This is why he visited a lot of manufacturers, he wanted to find the quality and prices both good manufacturers to cooperate. We are interested and willing to try to help. Mr. Emma expressed his hope to visit our factory, but he will leave China tomorrow and go back to his country. 

We think is not a problem, we can show our factory to him through the video chat to our factory people. Lisa contacted the factory's production department manager, let him chat with us and slowly show our factory to Mr. Emma. Just we are in production for a cabinet hinge order, so we incidentally to explain our production process, packaging, quality control links to Mr. Emma. Through two hours introduction and answer question time, Mr. Emma expressed his satisfaction with our factory strength. Then showed us his door hinge design drawing. It is a very beautiful and  special door hinge, but also called certain requirements. We contacted our factory technician, and after the technical staff checking, we told Mr. Emma that quotation could be given to him second day after the Canton Fair was ended, and at this time we will make a proposal to meet his country technical and quality requirements. Mr. Emma understands and thanks for our friendly help. We share each one contact information and give some hinge samples to him, Mr. Emma is so happy and then leaved.

2 days later, Lisa got the factory adjusted program and quotation  and quickly feedback to Mr. Emma. Mr. Emma was happy and he said that he adopted the proposal but he felt the model fee is too expensive to hold, hope we can give discount and he currently need a small quantity to test the local market. Through the carefully consideration and calculating, we give concessions, the model fees can be charged by us, but Emma need to agree that our can sale this product at the same time. Also in order to show our sincerity of cooperation, we can allow discount to Emma when he place order for this door hinge. After one week consideration Emma finally agreed. But he asks for the sample at first time.

Then we entered to the product proofing period, we pay much attention to this order, so we quickly finished the proofing work and send sample to Mr. Emma. Mr. Emma was pleasantly surprised after receiving it. After a round of consultations, Mr. Emma place half 20ft container quantity order to test the market.

Finally into the tight production and transportation process. This process is perfectly going , everything is doing well. After the order is completed, we keep follow to Mr. Emma's sales process and assist him to adjust the sales.

Six months later, Mr. Emma told us a good news, this product is very popular in the local market. Quality and style are very good. He will come to place order again, and he got many experience with idea to improve the product. We are glad to accept and do our best to help him at final.

Until now, we still keep in good contact. Mr. Emma has shared us with a lot idea for hardware products that have served us so well . In order to express our gratitude, we treat Mr. Emma as our VIP customer and at the same time to give more discounts.

In our idea, we treat our clients as our business partner and best friend, the most we did is to make win-win situation. That is why we have stood in hardware industry for more than 15 years and also earned much respect and affection from our clients. We trust we are your best friend in your hardware business! So once you need help , welcome to contact us , A&J family is always stand by to help you!

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