Hinge is important in furniture (2)

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 13, 2018

Hinge must be able to adapt to the humidity of the kitchen, lampblack is much wait for a lot of factors, its good or bad to ambry normal use and life is crucial.Most those who want stand the test is hinge, it not only should the cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank accurately rise, bear alone even the weight of door plank, the consistency and must hold the door arranges is changeless, or after a period of time, will become loose.


"As if the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, drawer slide rail is kidney" this sentence no exaggeration, the drawer in the design, is the most important parts of the slippery course, due to the special environment of the kitchen, low-quality slippery course even if you feel good in the short term, a long time will find push-pull difficulty phenomenon.For any product, especially a large one.